Ang baduy nakakainis :-)

After a long time binuksan ko ulit tong blog na ‘to i dont even know kung worthy na tawaging blog since sobrang walang kwenta (ehem priceless) yung posts. Talk about years of blogging and wala pa ring progress. Ewan ko kung gusto ko pang magblog actually pero parang gusto ko pa talaga kahit parang sobrang pretentious ng blog na ‘to since wala talagang “oompfh” na “ako” hahhahahhha. Yung puro happy lang na wala talagang “life” gets? gets. (wow tumitfios) Pero if I want to blog yung tipong ‘di ko na idedelete like ever because ginawa ko lang rant blog/ehem pretentious blog/ basta-baduy blog. Yung blog na in years time I’ll look back to and actually be proud na nag-open up ako and actually use it as a tool para sa self-improvement (WAW SUMISELFIMPROVEMENT)

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck it was during my summer of preparation for high school when i started tumblr-ing and putangina pacollege na fuck :-)

Truth is gusto ko pala magblog pero I think I’ll leave this in the dumpsters na hahhahhaha. Fuck shelooksback is the most baduy blog I made. Theres no //Angel// in it. ((((WEH ANGEL)))) well except for this post na ngayon ko lang narealize sobrang conyo pala hahahhaha.

Butt pwet butt i dont want to use shelooksback as my url putangina ang baduy so i’ll use a more baduy url ahhahhaha ok maybe this’ll be my last ((or maybe one of my last??)) post here.


I joined MOA’s liking contest for an all-access m&g with the several bands playing for Bazooka Rocks Festival II and actually won through everybody’s efforts. 

I met All Time Low finally. And hugged them e a c h. I gave Jack my rosary bracelet - it was my lucky charm for a long time actually. I am still in awe because I just met my heroes.

I also met A Rocket to the Moon, it was their last (though I still hope they’ll reunite and come back here someday) performance here before they officially disband.

And lastly, I also met Tonight Alive. I remember I was running late for the m&g and I still can’t believe I made it nevertheless. 

All in all, BRF II was a true blast. Each band was amazing but the sets by ATL, ARTTM and TA were the best ones for me. But still, ATL’s still stood out. I mean, it’s not everyday that you get to meet your heroes and see them perform the songs that meant to you most live.

Nobody can take these priceless memories for I will forever treasure these moments in my heart.

Some bits of my August.

I think I’m in-love with portrait photography.

"You’re so preoccupied with tomorrow that you’re wasting all your todays."

Ever experienced taking a time-out from everything and evaluating where your life is leading to? I swear to all the fucking stars, the future is a scary place. Just when you think that everything is not quite what it seems, it actually is. Wow, that just didn’t make any sense. 

There’s no absolute assurance. Yes, the only thing permanent is change. Everything’s changing and there’s nothing nor no one to stop it. 

I don’t know man, I’m just scared. I’m scared not only for myself but also for the people around me. 3 years ago, I would’ve never thought that so much can change in that time span. I’m scared of change. That’s the whole bottom-line here. 

I’ve been having these thoughts lately and I swear I tried ignoring them. But, here I am letting them all sink in my system. There is no turning back, we have to keep moving forward. And that part sucks. You’ve got no choice but to just

keep. moving. forward. 

Damfuckingmit. Bring me to neverfuckingland so I can never grow fucking up. 

One of my personal favorites off Fall Out Boy&#8217;s Save Rock and Roll record.

One of my personal favorites off Fall Out Boy’s Save Rock and Roll record.

Good Love
The Maine

Good Love - The Maine

Tossing coins down the wishing well,
Don’t fall in now, it leads straight to Hell,
I see the fire, it’s almost blinding,
Come out and find me, come out and find me,
So fuck your coins and I wish you well,

Good love will find me, good love will find me.

Derek Sanders, Mayday Parade, Circuit Fest 2013
I&#8217;ll keep you warmSafe in my arms,Til heaven callsKeep holding on.

Derek Sanders, Mayday Parade, Circuit Fest 2013

I’ll keep you warm
Safe in my arms,
Til heaven calls
Keep holding on.